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Do You Know What Your Tampons Are Made Of?

Alright, ladies, this is never our favorite topic and our least favorite time of the month, but we all deal with it so it’s time to talk.

As females, most of us have been using feminine care products since we were in our early teens. Did you know:

“a woman will use 10,000 feminine care products in her lifetime. Still, the FDA has no mandate to include ingredients in the labeling of feminine care products”?

This fact should be startling. As a consumer, you would only hope that you can go to the store and grab a product off the shelf without scouring through the label trying to figure out if it is safe or not- unfortunately, that is not the case. Most feminine care products you find on the shelves today are made with synthetic fibers such as rayon and polyester. These fibers tend to be bleached and include other chemicals that most definitely should not go into your body.

I first found out about this a little over 2 years ago and was blown away. Not only does that seem ridiculous but it honestly seems like it should be illegal. I made the change immediately.

The company I chose is L. They are not only a safe, organic brand but they also offer a customizable subscription service. No more running out to the store when mother nature decides to show up a day early or reaching for the box and realizing you only have one left.

“Organic Cotton Tampons, Pads and Liners delivered to your door monthly.”

Thankfully there are other companies out there who are also trying to make a difference, so you do have options– but here are a few reasons I chose L.

I agree with the ingredients and mission statement

  • No Ryan, Chlorine bleaching, or synthetic pesticides
  • Made with GOTS certified organic cotton
  • BPA-Free Plastic Applicator
  • Hypoallergenic & breathable
  • For every product purchased, L provides access to a pad to a girl in need

They have a customizable subscription program

  • I can hand-select only the products I need and get them sent straight to my doorstep when I need them.


  • Affordable- actually cheaper than most of the big name brands

You can buy them at Target

  • I have a subscription order set up so I always have extras on hand- but, if I were ever in need right away I wanted to be able to buy them from a store and not have to wait a few days for them to come in the mail or even worse settle for an unsafe brand while I was waiting for my order.

“L. products are designed by women for women, with love from San Francisco. Organic and affordable, for the many people.”


I encourage you to educate yourself, read the “L” movement, and make a change in your feminine care routine.

Use my link below to start your subscription today!



All images used in the slider are from the site they are linked to.

All stats in quotations above are used from L. and can be found on the site.

My Months’ Order:

  • 10 regular tampons
  • 10 super tampons
  • 20 liners

I typically have leftovers but this ensures I won’t be without during the month.

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