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The Winter Coat You Need In Your Closet

The more you get to know me, you’ll find I really hate winter.

That being said, just because the weather sucks, doesn’t mean your outfit has to.

Living in the Midwest, we are in winter coats 5-6 months of the year, which makes this a staple piece to your wardrobe….and also explains why I own about 15. My favorite winter coat style this year has been the wool wrap. Neutrals are always your friend so you can’t go wrong with camel or grey.

The great thing about this style is you can wear it multiple ways. The option to wrap gives you a fitted, feminine look, while the option to keep the coat open gives it a more over-sized, masculine flair- and I love the way it naturally falls. While the wintery tundra presents limited opportunities to leave your coat hanging open purely for the sake of fashion, I’d argue the look is worth the cold. 😉




All images in the slider are used from the site they are linked to. Shoes and coat are similar, not identical.

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