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Planning Guide for The Yacht Week Croatia

Check out footage from our trip here!

First things first, it’s better than you imagine.

Whether you are looking for the party of your life or an adventure to old world islands, there are unforgettable memories to be had the entire week.

It is no secret that Yacht Week is a huge party. If you have not been to their website go watch one video and you will either be in your element or scared for your life. I fell somewhere between the two. I am not a frequent club goer and can only do electronic music in doses, yet who wouldn’t like to party on a yacht in Europe?

The first time I heard about yacht week was right after graduating college from some friends who had just got back and had the time of their life. They made friends from all over the world and already had plans to visit new friends living in New York. I was sold. I’m a sucker for a good highlight reel and was obsessed with Kygo, who at the time he was basically the soundtrack to the promo videos. Yacht Week had quickly been added to my bucket list of trips to take in your 20’s.

5 years later Yacht Week was booked and I can hands down say it was the best trip I have ever taken and I am already thinking about booking another one for 2020.

Do not read the GQ article which depicts Yacht week as the 20-something frat party on the sea- or maybe do, simply for a laugh. But don’t let it scare you into thinking everyone is a giant tool and that the whole week is about raging your face off. I mean trust me, if that’s what you want to do the opportunity is there for the taking but the beauty of this trip is that you control your own pace. There are locations and parties planned for you every day but your crew gets to decide what you do, when you arrive, where you eat, and so on and so forth. I’d highly recommend going to the parties because it’s all part of the experience but if you want to go cave diving or stop at a swim spot and spend the day floating on the water that is totally your call. 

Overall, yes, this trip is expensive but it is so worth it. Book and don’t look back. It is what you make it so regardless of what you are looking for I can promise you will have the time of your life.

Below are some tips and tricks we learned along the way. Leave me a comment if you have any questions, I’m happy to help. Cheers!

Book your own trip now! Summer 2019 Bookings open 10/25.

Booking Tips:

  • Our yacht was the Ocean King III – this was the perfect size for 10 ppl + 1 skipper. I would book this model/size again in a heartbeat. I personally would not recommend going smaller.
    • 4 bed/4 bath, a common area table that folds into a bed, and two cabins for the skipper and a hostess.
  • Book early so you get what you want. I highly recommend spending the money to get a catamaran, space is worth it and will make your overall trip more enjoyable. The net on the front of the boat is perfect for laying out- we spent a lot of time out there.
  • Air conditioning is your call. We went during week 36 (late Aug, early Sept) and were completely fine without air conditioning. We opted for the Catamaran over the air and I would do the same thing again. Each bedroom has a small fan in it and a window that you can open at night for air flow.
  • Payment- We had one person in charge of all payments. Everyone in the group would just venmo him and he would pay the total amount due. This worked really well and kept things easy.


We choose to not a get a hostess, looking back I would probably say a hostess is worth the money. Grocery shopping on the first day before boarding your yacht was the most stressful part of the entire trip so if you are going to get food on your own I’d say come with a well-prepared list of what you need. The good thing is, groceries in Croatia are super cheap so our entire haul was pretty affordable and we did save money going this route.

*Keep in mind you will need to account for feeding your skipper as well.

Breakfast Ideas: Fruit, eggs, pancakes. I wish I would have packed protein bars to bring with me because they do not have these things over there. (Cliff bars etc.)

Lunch items: Sandwich stuff, yogurt + granola, pasta dish, taco stuff – You are not going to want to cook to think quick and easy.

Snacks: Granola bars, apples, grapes, bananas, pretzels, chips.

Misc: Toilet paper, paper towel, plastic cups, hand soap for the bathrooms, cooking spray/oil, salt and pepper, LOTS of water – you are required to have 2 liters per person per day on board – whether you drink it or not (we went through all of ours and got more toward the end).

*Your yacht will come with pots, pans, and silverware.

Eating out:

In Croatia dinners are typically served family style, meaning your entire group picks two types of meat, say fish and lamb, and they serve those with grilled vegetables to the entire table. It’s a really cool experience but dinners can get a little pricey so I’d recommend picking 1 or 2 night to do a big dinner and then do your own thing the rest fo the time.

Tell your Skipper the plan and they will help give recommendations or pick where to take you.

My favorite dinner of the trip was on our first night in Trogir at Queen Teuta. Our Skipper guided us through cobblestone alleys within the city and we popped out in this beautiful terrace strung with cafe lights and flowers climbing the walls. We had Lobster and Seabass which was absolutely amazing. Everywhere we went the house wine was pretty good so we typically would get a red a white for the table to share.

On the tunnel raft day, you do not go to shore to dock, you stay out at sea all night so you have the option to order food to your boat- I highly recommend getting the octopus this night, the best I’ve had!!

As a tip for payment, we had one person pay for all the group meals and then we paid them back at the end of the trip. It was easiest this way so that we weren’t trying to split the bill and convert USD to KUNA at the dinner table every meal.

Parties & Extras:

  • Tables/bottle service– book as soon as the Day 8 app allows you to, it will notify you when they open. I’d recommend getting a table at least one or two nights. We had tables for The Riviera Chic party and the Tropical Retro party.
  • The Riviera Chic day party at Carpe Diem was hands down my favorite party. Get here right on time or even a little early to get photos of the place. This venue is incredible and it is worth exploring before the party gets going.
    • They also have a night party at Carpe Diem that same day but it doesn’t start till 12 am, this is worth skipping. They make you leave the day party and wait to come back which kills the mood, not everyone makes it back, you have to pay for a water taxi back and forth again and the DJ was much better at the day party.
  • Tropical Retro Party – We skipped the dinner at Ft. George and went to a family style dinner that night. If you book a table here don’t get the middle tier level, do the floor or top level, the middle level is super narrow with not much space.
  • Vespa Rentals – Worth the views. I was not initially interested in this activity, however, the views from the top of the mountain on Vis are breathtaking. We did this before we got ready for the Tropical Retro Party.

Packing Must Haves:

First things first, do not over pack. The storage space is TINY, you will not want bags laying around. I managed to bring everything in 1 carry-on duffle bag and 1 under the seat backpack. Yes, it was hard but not impossible and it was so worth it once I got there. I would avoid checking a bag if possible.

  • Drones & Go-Pros- If you are going to invest, this trip is the time to do it. The only thing I regret is not taking enough video.
  • Sunscreen – Croatian sunscreen we got from the grocery store was super oily, I’d bring your own that you know you like
  • Shower Flip Flops – there are showers in your bathrooms on the yacht (depending on the size of the yacht) but they are tiny and you won’t always be hooked up to water every time you dock so you will have to use the public showers on some occasions and you will definitely need flip-flops.
  • Tumbler/Reusable Cup – We ran out of plastic cups and the convenient stores on the islands only had tiny ones so bringing your own tumbler to use through the trip was big.
  • Epi-Pen – if you are allergic to bees there were several days where bees were around all of the boats non stop- could have been a seasonal thing but it was pretty bad.
  • Liquid IV – Lifesaver for staying hydrated! I used a packet first thing every morning in my water.
  • Microfiber Beach Towel – HUGE. This was such a great idea. They are easy to roll up and take up minimal space for packing and they also dry super quick which is nice because you will be using your towel for the shower and swimming all week long.
  • First Aid Kit & Meds – Better be safe than sorry! We used ours.
    • Dramamine – Have it on hand just in case even if you don’t typically get motion sick
    • Sea Sick bands – I get motion sickness from the back seat of a car and never once got  seasick while I had these bands on
    • Excedrin migraine
    • Advil
    • Vitamin C packets – Never know what you’ll pick up on the plane, plus they are good to take as a precautionary before the trip/while you are traveling
    • Bandaids
    • Allergy meds
    • Medical tape
    • Gauze
  • Cards/ drinking games – You’ll be on the yacht all day and night for the tunnel raft day, you’ll want cards at night
  • Glow Sticks/fairy lights- Deck out your yacht for tunnel raft night
  • Electrical converter
  • European Hair Dryer
  • Floatie – If you have room in your bag bring it, otherwise people leave floats behind at the Yacht Week check-in tent that you can take for free or there are shops in Split that sell floats which are super easy to grab once you are there.
  • 7 swimsuits/trunks (1 for each day- won’t need one for opening day/night)
  • Sandals – I brought 2 pairs that I could wear with all my outfits. You do not need, nor will you want heels or wedges. Parties are on the beach or on cobblestone most of the time, sandals are what everyone wears.
  • Summer purse/bag – I brought one purse I used the whole time which also doubled as a beach bag to throw my towel in if needed
  • Sunglasses
  • Wrinkle Release Spray
  • Themed outfits – Go all out, these are SO fun! Check you itinerary for what your route themes are
  • Yeti Carryall Cooler – Optional but if you are bringing a checked bag and you have space to use a yeti cooler as your carry-on it would have been super nice to have a cooler on deck. There are no coolers on the yacht so we just kept our ice bags in one of the storage compartments which you can imagine does not keep ice very long.

International Phone Options:

  • SIM card- Once you get there they can be purchased super cheap, just make sure you unlock your phone with your cellular provider before your trip
  • Purchase wifi on the yacht – Very reasonably priced and worth it to have for everyone to use if needed. This is the only thing I used the whole trip, you only have wifi when you are connected to power but most docks you will be able to connect.
  • Pay for International service per day with your cellular provider – the most expensive option but assures you have coverage.

Flight Essentials

  • Neck Pillow
  • Face moisturizer / Rose water spray
  • Headphones
  • Don’t forget to download shows/movies/music to your iPad
  • Book
  • Granola bars
  • Gum
  • Hand sanatizer
  • Lulu Lemon Align leggings are my go to comfy flight pants



Professional images are used from The Yacht Week photographer, Joakim Vatnaland.

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