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My Favorite Hair Products

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my hair and people have been asking what my favorite hair products are. I will totally take the compliment but honestly have been a little surprised everytime someone asks. I never really considered my hair as desirable- It’s fine, has little to no body, and right now hasn’t been colored in months. That being said, the past 8 months to a year I can definitely say I’ve been taking better care of my hair and changing up my products and routine. So if ya’ll think it looks good I better keep doing what I’m doing!

Less heat, a round brush, and purple shampoo!

Below are my tips and favorite hair products, Enjoy!

Starting in the shower: Kristin Ess The One Purple Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve used a bunch of purple shampoos in the past and I can honestly say this brand has kept the brassy hues out of my hair the longest between hair appointments. I am naturally a brunette so when I go blonde there is maintenance involved to keep cool tones in my hair. Some purple shampoos you’re supposed to use only every other wash however the Kristin Ess brand is made for everyday use. I will say there was a time period I was starting to get a little brassy (because I wasn’t using my purple shampoo for a while) so I started using it religiously again and it brightened it right back up, I even started to take on a slight cool violet hue in my higlighted areas, which personally I loved.

The one thing I note is that this is higher quality shampoo, meaning it’s not going to strip your hair of all the natural oils which can give the appearance of greasy hair at your roots until your hair gets used to it. If your accustomed to using off the shelf brands (which I totally am) I would say this brand is a step up and will probably wash a little different than you are used to- but stick with it it’s definitely worth it. If you are getting this effect I’d recommend switching back and forth every other wash at first, use your old shampoo one wash then the purple the next. I sometimes throw in a wash with Pantene Pro-V Color Preserve Volume shampoo every once in a while. Just figure out what you like best!

Another bonus with all of the Kristin Ess products is that their packaging is so friggin chic your shower and countertop will look amazeballs. Yes, that’s a word.

Dry Time:  Wrap your hair with a microfiber hair turban 

Air drying your air is the best so try to do this as often as possible. Instead of using your body towel to rub your hair dry (and damage your luscious strands) pat out the access water then wrap it up in one of these until you are ready to do your hair.

Brush It Out: Spritz with Honest brand conditioning detangler

Fine hair gets tangled really easily after a wash so this step is important so that you aren’t ripping out clumps of hair or breaking your ends as you hack through the tangles. I love this brand, you can always breath easy knowing you are not using harsh chemicals with their products- plus it smells great and you can get it at Target as well.

Styling Prep: Ken Paves Volumizing Spray

Of all places, I found this brand at Wallmart years ago and legit love it. It is made with essential oils and smells heavenly! Spray at the roots while hair is damp before blow drying for extra volume. Unfortunately, it appears you can only buy this in store, not online…they should probably fix that because I’m gonna need some more soon- good thing is, it does last a long time!

Blow Out: Blow out your hair with a round brush – I prefer larger barrel brushes!

This step will change everything. It is also the hardest step to get used to because it truly takes practice to learn how to use a round brush…and arm muscles…it’s honestly a pain in the ass and takes forever BUT it looks so great once you get the hang of it your hair will look phenomenal. Plus, not using a straightener (hardly ever),  helps limit excess heat damage!

The biggest trick here is to pre-dry your hair before you start with the round brush. Your hair should only be slightly damp when you start round brushing it so get the access water off with a quick blow through, then bring in the tools.

I am still perfecting my own technique so I am not going to waste your time with a video tutorial because it will be horrendous. Instead, you should check out blogger, Brighton’s post on how to round brush your hair– she does a great job and I love her blog!

Styling Dry Hair: Dry shampoo isn’t just for dirty hair, it helps give massive volume! If your hair is dry, spray dry shampoo into the roots to give it some grit and lift while you style with a round brush. I learned this trick back in college from one of my girlfriends but have since seen Brighton (the blogger I mentioned above) talk about using this trick too!

Another volumizing product I like is the Kristin Ess Loose Styling Powder. You can put this at the base of your roots to give you a little extra lift or use it in a braid. The product creates a gritty texture in your hair and keeps pieces from slipping.

Final touches: End with a pea sized dolope of hair oil, rub your hands together and lightly run your fingers through the ends and top to create a silky and frizz-free finish!




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