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“Love at First Tuck” With Studio Barre Grand Rapids

When Studio Barre Grand Rapids contacted me to do a partnership, I was super excited to give it a try. I’d heard how great barre classes were but was always scared away by the price. I figured it would be a good month of classes and then I’d go back to running. However, I find myself finishing up my final week and wanting more!

I was not expecting to fall in love with the workout the way that I have.

I run, I do ab workouts, I’ve done kickboxing, HIT classes, yoga classes, spin classes, etc. but I can honestly say I have never had a workout that compares to barre class. There is a completely different type of strength that comes from the shake of a barre workout. If you’ve never taken a class before, the best way to explain it (in my opinion) is a mixture of ballet, Pilates, and body weight training. Every class has upbeat, fun music to keep you motivated and all of the instructor are awesome and push you to keep your best form.

After only one month of classes I can truly feel and see a difference in my body. I leave sore after every class and want more every time. Studio Barre Grand Rapids is now my favorite way to de-stress after a long day in the office and the best way to kick-start a Saturday. I truly LOVE it and can not recommend it enough!

Here’s why Studio Barre Grand Rapids is my favorite:

The Environment – Everyone is super welcoming and knows you by name every time you walk in the door. The studio is sassy, clean, and bright with a boutique in the front selling cute apparel and accessories. The classes are always fun and accommodate to all levels, from first-timers to the bad asses that are there every day. Bonus points, they always have candles burning in the front which makes the studio smell amazing!

The Instructors – An instructor can totally make or break a class and I absolutely love the girls at studio barre.  They make you feel comfortable, pump you up, and push you to go harder every time! I typically go to evening classes after work with Andrea, who is absolutely phenomenal but I’ve had the chance to workout with a few different instructors and love them all.

The Burn – Even after getting into a routine of 3 – 4 classes a week I still feel the burn and soreness after every single class. You get an effective toning workout without all the sweat of a 10 mile run and feel like a million bucks after!

The Amenities –  They fit into your busy schedule by offering 5 classes a day Monday – Friday and weekend classes on both Saturday and Sunday. They have childcare available for mom’s which I feel is hard to come by at a small boutique fitness center. They also have a changing room available, which is super helpful if you are running to class after work. Details are everything, so I have to mention they keep their washroom stocked with hair ties and items to freshen up- the hair tie stash has definitely saved me a couple times!

*As a side note, the studio is located in Brenton Village so it’s conveniently located in the same complex as Free People, Lulu Lemon, Anthropology, and West Elm…this can actually be a very dangerous thing but I don’t hate it. 😉

Studio Barre Grand Rapids has great packages for brides-to-be and new mommy’s that are worth checking out! When the day comes for me, I will 100% being taking barre classes leading up to my wedding- Awesome way to sweat for the dress!


*Photos in the carousel are used from the site they are linked to. *Top/sports bra/socks are similar, but not identical to what I am wearing in picture.

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