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Fresh Coast Westy

One of the big reasons I started this blog was to explore and express my passions. Therefore, whenever I get the opportunity to partner with other passion projects I jump on board and fully support. Fresh Coast Westy spoke to me as a brand because I wholeheartedly believe that adventure fuels the soul and part of my heart will always belong to Cali- so I totally dig the vibes.

If you are a Westy owner or adventure enthusiast, this brand was made for you.

Fresh Coast Westy started as a passion project by Rob Givans, a West Coast, San Diego, native who was inspired by VW Vanagons and the #Vanlife culture. As Rob progressed in his professional life he found himself calling various states home, but ultimately landed in Grand Rapids, MI where he bought his first 1984 VW Vanagon Westfalia on eBay. His name is Winston. From there the van life culture kicked into full effect and he quickly found a crew of Westys to cruise Lake Michigan and Grand Haven, Michigan and camp as often as possible.

A few years into this new lifestyle, Fresh Coast Westy was born for all Westy owners to wear proudly. The brand currently offers shirts and stickers with designs by Rob and other contributing artists. They are currently in the process of making high-quality aftermarket accessories for the Vanagon T25 / T3 models as well so be sure to follow them on social media to stay up to date!





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