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Graduation Gift Ideas

‘Tis the season for cap tossing! College students are getting ready to enter the”real world” or getting ready to continue on to grad school. Either way, it’s a time for celebration as they enter the next chapter in their life. Next week I am flying out to Colorado for my cousin’s graduation from CU Boulder so I decided to put together some graduation gift ideas for others who are in my shoes and need gift giving ideas.

I’ve been in the “real world” for a few years now so I’ve made a compilation of the things I truly use in my daily life on the job. Happy gifting!

Shinola Passport book: Once I got out of school and started making money, traveling quickly became one of my favorite things to do. This passport book is a timeless leather that works for a girl or a guy- you can also get it monogrammed for free in store for a little extra detail.

Baublebar Coordinate Necklace: Most people move to a new city for a job after college. This coordinate necklace is a nice way to remind them of home or celebrate the new destination.

Office Plant: Especially if you have a “desk job” the office scenery gets old quick and sitting behind a computer is not the most comforting feeling. Bringing elements of nature into your work space helps relieve stress and make the space feel more inviting. Plus, crystals are fun to incorporate into decor so this is a two for one!

Yeti Rambler : Real world = living on coffee. The best way to keep it hot as you bounce in and out of meetings is with a yeti. This size is perfect!

Lunch Bag: Buying lunch every day gets expensive. Meal prepping and bring a lunch is a huge benefit to your wallet and your health. They make so many cute lunch bags now that there is no reason to be boring, get a fun design!

Headphone Stand: I am the type of person that loves to have music on while I work and over-the-head/wireless headphones are way more comfortable in my opinion. This stand is a chic organized way to store them while they are not in use.

SparkHidrate Water Bottle: This product deserves its own blog post (which I plan to do soon). It’s a smart water bottle that syncs to your phone and flashes and gives you text reminders when you aren’t drinking enough water for the day. It’s seriously awesome. I’ve had mine for a little over 2 years now and I use it every day. Also a conversation starter in the office.

Passion Planner: If you are a planner person, I can not recommend this brand enough. I will never buy another planner in my life. I live by my planner and need to have it organized. This layout is a game changer and pushes you to set goals, reflect on them, and makes things happen.

Business Card Holder: You don’t want to be handing out wrinkly, faded business cards- It’s tacky. A simple thin card holder you can throw in your work bag is very important in my opinion. This Kate Spade one is simple and fun.

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