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My Go-To Migraine Relief Remedy

If you are cursed with migraines like myself, you understand the crippling pain that drives you into a dark, silent room. I’ve always been prone to headaches, even when I was young, but migraines are a whole other animal- which I now have the pleasure of dealing with far more often than I’d like.

Now before I start complaining, I know some people have it much worse. I get migraines I’d say a couples times a month, however, they typically only last a few hours and then turn into a more “manageable” a headache for a day or so. That being said, they still aren’t fun and figuring out a remedy that works is a godsend- so here’s my go to!

One of my best friends mom’s (shout out to @melodystenstrom) turned me onto essential oils a few years ago and my favorite mixture of all time is this migraine relief concoction. If you don’t use oils, I highly recommend at least trying this one. I can honestly say once I have a migraine or feel one coming on, this is the quickest fix I have found.


Migraine Relief Remedy

4 drops lavender

3 drops peppermint

3 drops grapeseed oil (or lemongrass oil)


When you are home and a migraine has already set in:

  • Put the oil mixture on your temples, wrists, and back of your neck
  • Diffuse the mixture in your bedroom/living room- wherever you’re escaping to
  • Take a damp washcloth and add a few drops of the mixture onto the towel and place it over your nose/eyes and inhale the aromas

When you are on the go:

  • Keep a to-go roller ball bottle in your purse or travel bag and roll it on your temples, wrists, and back of your neck
    • Essential for me especially when I’m flying!


Another tip for headaches/migraines is to focus on some key pressure points. HUM Nutrition has this helpful guide to all the sweet spots.



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