4 Key Features to Incorporate into Your Mid-Century Modern Home

Distinguishing Features of Mid-Century Modern Design & How to Incorporate Them into Your Home:

1. Functionality

  • I love entertaining so creating a space that is both comfortable and allows for hosting guests is important.
    • Adding a bar cart is a simple way to add an entertainment feature to the room while making it a design element of its own.
    • Music is a big part of entertaining, so one of my favorite pieces in my living room is a vintage turntable cabinet. This cabinet is also an iconic piece of the era so it is one of the focal points I used to build the rest of the room.

2. Sleek lines with both organic and geometric forms

  • Mid-Century Modern lighting is fun and unique so this is an excellent area to bring in different shapes. Project 62 at Target has some of my favorite, (affordable) modern lamps that are the perfect addition to this mid-century style.
  • Another area to incorporate these features is with abstract art sculptures, they make excellent coffee table pieces or bookends.

3. The use of different materials both traditional and non-traditional

  • This is one of my favorite features of this era and I use a lot in my living room.
    • Worn Velvet – used on the sofa. This texture and color had the elegant timeless feel I was looking for.
    • Wood – used in the turntable cabinet, entertainment center, sofa table and bar cart. If you are incorporating multiple wood pieces, I’d recommend sticking to the same color scheme throughout and not mixing grains.
    • Gold Metal – used on the bar cart, sofa table, and lamps.
    • Cognac Leather – used in the accent chair. The combination of the forest green and this leather is one of my favorites.
    • Marble – used in the table lamps and accent tray

4.The use of a vast range of colors from neutral to bold

  • In a world full of grey couches be a green velvet one!

My living room is still a work in progress but as I continue to invest in new pieces, I’m slowly bringing my personality into the room. Your home should express your style and make you feel good. For me, music inspires and influences a lot of my style. I love Frank Sinatra and jazz so this channels all the mid-century modern feels that I love and I want my living room language to convey that.


Pieces To Splurge on: Your sofa and chandelier lighting.

The sofa will be the focal point of the living room and most likely where most of your time is spent. You want this to be a quality item so that the wear on the material is not noticeable and so that it not only looks good but is comfortable too.

My sofa is the Paidge Reversible Sectional in worn velvet forest from West Elm.

  • The ottoman section of the sofa simply slides to either end so that it easily fits in any room. This was important to me because I’m not in my forever home yet so having a sofa that is flexible was a huge bonus.
  • After spending about 4 hours in West Elm deciding between navy or forest green velvet, I went with the forest green because historically, green velvet has been passed along the decades and remains timeless and elegant. Plus this color seems to wear over time a bit better.
  • Worn velvet has more texture and tends to look higher end then your standard performance or plush velvet.

*West Elm has 12 months special financing so that you can pay off your couch in 1 year without interest.

*West Elm has sales going on all the time so hold out till there is a discount. I waited over a year before finally making my purchase and found that Black Friday & Cyber Monday were the two best times for discounts.

My other recommendation for sofas is Article.

  • As I mentioned above, Mid-Century Modern lighting is fun and can have a big impact on the overall design of the room. I plan to add chandelier lighting as my next splurge piece.


Pieces to DIY/Thrift: Coffee Table, Accent Chairs and at least one authentic mid-century modern piece

Tip: There are some awesome Ikea Hacks out there so I would strongly suggest looking into this. There are tons on Pinterest.


*Photos in the slider are used from the site they are linked to.


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    February 24, 2018 at 7:04 am

    Absolutely love your home interior style Jordan!!

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      Jordan Brown
      February 26, 2018 at 3:25 pm

      Thank you!! Still a work in progress but it feel so good to love the space you live in 🙂

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