Valentine’s Day Guide to Scoring Extra (Chocolate) Kisses

Valentine’s Day can be tricky for some. It’s not like Christmas or a birthday where you’re ‘expected’ to spoil each other with gifts, but you also don’t want this day to go by unnoticed. So, to eliminate stress and last minute ‘thoughtless gift-giving’, I’ve put together some ideas to help.

Love is love is love is love is love. 24 hours a day, 525,600 minutes a year.

You don’t have to break the bank just to show you care on February 14th. It should be an everyday thing. However, it’s fun to show your love a little extra on this day. We often get caught up in the everyday tasks of life so let Valentine’s day be an escape to enjoy each other’s company with simple gestures of love.

Gift Ideas For Her

Cute Wine Glasses: Pick up a pair of cute wine glasses, her favorite bottle of wine, and her favorite carryout. This is the perfect combo to bring over for a night in together.

Fresh Cut Flowers: I absolutely love flowers but completely understand that this gesture can get pricey. Instead of ordering the generic V-Day bouquet from a flower shop, swing by your local market and pick up a fresh bouquet yourself. I promise I would be just as happy with this. It’s the fact that you thought about it and brought them to me yourself. Trader Joe’s always has fresh flowers for cheap (I’m talking $18 for a dozen of roses or as low as $3.99 for a seasonal bouquet).

Rose Quartz Face Roller: Skin care is important to women, so pampering us with self-love products is always a hit. Rose Quartz is one of the most beautifying healing stones. It helps to ease tension + stress in the body, soothes anxiety, and increases self-love, which is essential when it comes to clear, smooth skin.

Jewelry: This is always a good go-to-gift for the woman in your life. Coordinate necklaces are a great way to capture your favorite place to vacation or the place you met. Just married or engaged? Get her an initial pendant to show off her new last name.

PJs: Nothing is better than cute, comfy PJs to lounge around in. Stick with the pink/hearts theme and get her some PJ’s to snuggle up in.

The Night Sky Print: This is an awesome and super thoughtful gift. This site allows you to enter in a location and date that matters most to you, say your anniversary or the place you guys met, and it populates what the night sky looked like on that day. I have bought these as gifts before and absolutely love the quality of the prints. They are super modern and look great in the house.

Cook Dinner Together: One of my favorite date night activities is to go to the Downtown Market in Grand Rapids and pick up some fresh fish from Fish Lads to make at home. Turn on some music, pour some wine, and make an extravagant meal that you wouldn’t typically eat on any old Wednesday night. You could also find a cooking class to do together which would be fun!

Gift Ideas for Him

Green Moss Candle: I learned about this brand from my boyfriend. He always has this scent burning in his house- it’s now one of my favorites too.

iPhone cords: These are always nice to have around because it seems like someone always needs one. The leather-bound strap keeps the cord together while adding a masculine touch.

Jack Black Skincare Line: Self-care isn’t just for the ladies, it’s important to men as well. This brand is great for a feel-good, smell-good after effect.

Plants: This might seem odd, but having some greenery in your house makes a big difference and can be fun to watch grow. There are a lot of great houseplants so explore your options to see what fits best with his space.

House Slippers: Slippers are a must for lounging around the house and you can’t beat a pair of Uggs. They are super soft on the inside and don’t look like a medical bootie when you have guests in town.

Yeti Rambler: The 10 oz rambler is the perfect size for coffee in the morning, soup for lunch, or whiskey by the campfire. My boyfriend and I both have this size and use them all the time. This olive green is my favorite color.

Beer & Beer Glasses: Pick up his favorite 6-pack with some beer glasses and bring them over with a movie for a night in. Or hit up a local brewery and try a flight…or two.

Shinola Wallet: I love leather items for guys. You really can’t go wrong. This Shinola pocket card case keeps things slim so that all you need are the essentials. You can also get these monogrammed for free at the store which I think looks super sharp. I got one of these for my man for his birthday and it was a hit.

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